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Controlled nuclear fusion - new approaches

Receipt and retention in a column arc High-Temperature Plasma for controlled thermonuclear fusion.

Justification Project

Energy of nuclear fusion on the synthesis is very real ... Nuclear fusion stands now as the main hope for salvation from the energy and ecology crisis, though the prospects for success in its use still remain uncertain [1]. Thus, controlled thermonuclear fusion is needed, is really feasible, but so far unattainable. The latter is explained by the fact that it is not yet possible to provide formulated, by the way, very simply and succinctly more than half a century ago, the condition, namely: for the flow of controlled thermonuclear reactions is necessary and sufficient availability of spatially stable and sustainable energy in the time of the plasma column, of a plasma formation with parameters temperature Т=107…108К and the concentration of particles n≥ 1016-3 [2, p.85, 91, 92, 168 and others]. In this regard, we proposed a technical solution ("mechanical" Trap) [3], which in its principal part is described in [4],  , which allows to get and keep high-temperature plasma of these characteristics for controlled thermonuclear fusion in a column of a stationary electric arc. This is possible due to the fact that we have found previously unknown phenomenon of self-energy characteristics of plasma in the arc column during its flow in a transverse force field in terms of dynamic effects, for example, in cross-flow medium-insulator [4], when an increase in dynamic pressure the last energy characteristics of plasma, in fact, the temperature Т, the concentration of particles n and the plasma pressure р at the same time increases, reaching to the high values for the reaction of thermonuclear fusion, and its own magnetic field keeps the arc plasma derived energy characteristics. There is enough evidence to suggest that the established physical phenomenon, in fact, optimally solves the problem of realization of controlled thermonuclear fusion. For this ground will expound consistently basic advantages of the offered technical solution and, further, in an evidential form theoretical pre-conditions of decision of problem, results of experimental researches, scientific novelty of suggestion and, in final analysis, description of technical decision of the put task.

The main advantages

Of proposed technical solution in comparison with the most promising of the known, which are installations like "Tokamak"
  1. The obtaining and maintaining a plasma arc column needed high-energy characteristics of the Т, n, р, sufficient for the occurrence of controlled thermonuclear fusion reaction is achieved at the same time by simple increasing of the arc voltage as a function of dynamic pressure transverse to the arc column of the force field, for example, fluid flow-insulator.
  2. Management of the process and, ultimately, the realization of controlled thermonuclear fusion is carried out in a wide range of modes and is achieved by simple means, when the "ignition" of the plasma occurs in small and controlled amount of plasma arc column (for example, a few mm3) and the number of reactive Elementary particles governed by a simple change of the current strength in the middest opportunities of changing the composition of the external environment (nuclear fuel) in the electrode gap.
  3. The process begins with a "plug" in a small volume of plasma arc column, and thus start of the installation is carried out without a huge amount of energy (typical for the "tokamak").
  4. Specific technical solution ("mechanical" trap)is suggested and described the modes of implementation, providing "ignition" of plasma (which is not achieved on the "tokamak").
  5. The installation is disproportionately smaller.
  6. A much simpler solution of conceptual problems in designing and building a nuclear fusion reactor, and, ultimately, a much lower cost.
  7. Eight of technological schemes of implementing the proposal in a flow-insulator, and in a stationary medium are described to create a nuclear fusion reactor.

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Dear Investors,

offer to finance this project on mutually advantageous contractual terms. Recall who first comes on the market, he receives all the benefits. The question is, however, what guarantee the success of this project? On this account, Bill Gates said: "In life there are no guarantees. There are some probabilities. " If so, then according to our estimates, the probability of project success is 99%. Because it is well-proven experimentally. To make sure herein, will appeal to the independent experts.

Dear experts,

lin an order to draw conclusion, that the offered project is the real, it is necessary to take into account the following. By us it is experimentally well-proven and described in the added materials the unknown before phenomenon of self-regulation of power descriptions of plasma in the post of voltaic arc, actually Т,n,p, that allows to get the new source of heat the indicated power descriptions of that are regulated in the widest range quality, the known exceed and appear sufficient for realization of the guided thermonuclear synthesis. Last to become obvious, if to take into account the aggregate of the obtained experimental data, that allow to form the set conformities to law and, in final analysis, offer a technique and technology for realization of the offered project. Therefore this project is the real.

To make sure herein, to you, respected experts, it is enough to study the added materials or (and also), that comparatively undifficult, experimentally to check the declared positions. Thus author of project always at your disposal.

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