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The electric arc in a transverse field of force as a heat source for new technologies

Technologies, based on the use of known electric arcs, have reached "technological ceiling" and a critical "saturation point" and, to a certain extent, have exhausted themselves. Therefore, the emergence of new technologies by using an electric arc can be associated only with the advent of a qualitatively new arcs featuring a new, higher level of controlled power, and, therefore, technological characteristics.

In this context, scientific and practical interest is offered by us and has already gained the practical application of an electric arc in a transverse force field in terms of dynamic effects, for example, in cross-flow medium-insulator, characterized in that it is obtained by the dynamic pressure of the flow of more than 5 ... 10 kPa, so as at pressures which have not been implemented neither science nor practice. This arc provides a qualitatively new level of energy performance, easily controlled in the widest range and significantly higher than the known, which allows us to consider it as a qualitevly new source of heat for the purposes of science and new technologies.

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At the same time take into account:

  1. Established a previously unknown pattern of interaction between the electric field, the material form of manifestation of which is an electric arc, characterized by the current strength I, and the force field, the material form of manifestation of which is, for example, the flow of the medium-insulator, characterized by the dynamic pressure Pd, consisting in that such interaction is accompanied by the phenomenon of self-energy characteristics of plasma in the arc column, in fact, temperature, concentration of elementary particles, pressure and magnetic induction of the intrinsic magnetic field of the arc, which are described in the function of the vector product of arc current I on the dynamic pressure transverse to the arc column power fields, such as medium flow-insulator Pd, so as, formula,and simultaneously increase with the latter.
  2. The stated regularity means that the flow of electric arc in a cross flow medium-insulator power characteristics of the plasma in the arc column (temperature, concentration of elementary particles, the pressure) is regulated in the widest range as a function of dynamic pressure of the flow, and its own magnetic field compresses the arc and holds in post production of plasma arc defined, regulated energy performance, ranging from values         typical of conventional welding arcs and ending with the plasma, the energy characteristics of which are limited to only the possibility of the applied technique (operating power supply voltage of the arc and the dynamic pressure of flow-insulator). This allows the use of an arc for a variety of applications in the fields of science and new technologies. In particular, it can be argued that high-temperature plasma for controlled thermonuclear fusion can be obtainted and retained in a column of such an arc.
  3. When the flow of electric arc in a cross flow medium-insulator power characteristics of the cathode and anode heat sources at the electrodes are regulated as a function of dynamic pressure of flow in a very broad range of modes, ranging from values typical for conventional arc welding type, sufficient to melt the metal, and ending values are sufficient for the small size of evaporation of any conductive material. This allows a wide variety of new high technology, in particular,arc sizing machining, various methods of surface hardening of metals, more efficient compared to the known underwater metal cutting, plasma cutting of metals in the absence of heat-affected zone, obtaining metal powders, metal receiving suspensions and chemical reactions etc.
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